( 噴火 Eruption )
Artwork General
National Dex: #003
Evolves From: Volreks
Evolves Into: N/A
Generation: Generation I
Pronunciation: TAY-rup-sion
Icon(s): File:003.png
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 50 Species: Eruption Pokémon
Attack: 50 Type(s): Fire
Defense: 55 Height: 8 Foot 9 Inches
Special Atk: 55 Weight: N/A
Special Def: 60 Abilities: N/A
Speed: 50 Pokédex Color: Red
Stat Total: 320 Gender: 25% ♀/75% ♂
    Cry: 50px

Tyruption ( 噴火 Eruption ) is a Fire-type Eruption Pokémon introduced in Generation I.


Tyruption have an unexpectedly calm demeaner, despite their ferocious appearance. This is because of their tendency to release thick black smoke when angry, “burning off” their stress quite literally. When enraged, their smoke can send an entire arena into a blackout in seconds. Trainers should be wary however, as their smoke is toxic in large amounts.

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