( 果樹園 Orchard )
Artwork General
National Dex: #005
Evolves From: Diflora
Evolves Into: Seisgaea
Generation: Generation I
Pronunciation: GROW-vah-sor
Icon(s): File:005.png
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 40 Species: Caldera Pokémon
Attack: 40 Type(s): Fire
Defense: 45 Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches
Special Atk: 45 Weight: N/A
Special Def: 50 Abilities: N/A
Speed: 40 Pokédex Color: Green
Stat Total: 260 Gender: 15% ♀/85% ♂
    Cry: 50px

Grovasaur ( 果樹園 Orchard ) is a Grass-type Orchard Pokémon introduced in Generation I.


Grovasaur are optimistic, strong willed pokemon. Although they have a reputation for defense, in reality its just their determination to not let down their trainer. The fruits that grow from their sides have an effect when eaten that simulates that same fiery passion within another pokemon.

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