( 少しルート Little Root )
Artwork General
National Dex: #004
Evolves From: N/A
Evolves Into: Grovasaur
Generation: Generation I
Pronunciation: DI-flor-aah
Icon(s): File:004.png
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 30 Species: Little Root Pokémon
Attack: 30 Type(s): Grass
Defense: 35 Height: 3 Foot
Special Atk: 35 Weight: N/A
Special Def: 40 Abilities: N/A
Speed: 30 Pokédex Color: Green
Stat Total: 120 Gender: 25% ♀/75% ♂
    Cry: 50px

Diflora ( 少しルート Little Root ) is a Grass-type Little Root Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Diflora is the Starter Pokemon of the Generation I.


Diflora are naturally cheerful and full of energy. They are often recomended to young trainers prone to depression or lack of self confidence, as their energy is known to be quite contagious. The pods at the end of Diflora tails have been known to release seeds when they are particularly happy, leaving beautiful flowers where one has been.

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